Anna Page: Director of the School

About Anna

I was born and bred in and around Cambridge.  I have been learning ballet since I was four years old and started at the Nina Hubbard Ballet School at the age of six.  I have remained at the school when it passed to Karen Stringer and became the Russian Ballet School.  I continued learning through my teenage years and as an adult – never stopping!  I managed to find classes whilst at university and have attended open classes whilst visiting my sister in New York and attending summer schools in London.  I have taken exams as a child and an adult and took the Associate Teacher’s exam in 2017 with the National Association of Teachers of Dancing.  Since then I have assisted teaching classes.

In 2023 I took on the Directorship of the now School of Russian Ballet on Karen’s retirement.  I have been in nearly every show since joining the Nina Hubbard Ballet School and plan to continue both exams and shows.

I love dancing and enjoy the discipline of ballet, as well as the artistry and expression of the movement.  At the School of Russian Ballet I aim to continue the joy of ballet in class, making the best of each individual student, whether they are a five or fifty year old beginner, or whether they have danced elsewhere and wish to continue coming class.  There is always more to learn.

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